October 19, 2017 Day 7 – Final day

Day 7 – Zacatecas to Durango

After a 390 km tranzit first thing in the morning we got to the service place at a gas station along the Durango – Mazatlan road. We had a strong morning, the top 10. But at Espinoza del Diablo the cluch started slipping and it was not safe to continue.

This year we finished the race on the top of the trailer. We knew this will be a learning experience and it is a bummer that we did not get to go through the finish line in Durango, but Taz is already working on a work list what needs to be changed and improved like gearing, brakes and cooling systems.

two days after the finish of the race and there are still no final results on the race website. http://www.lacarrerapanamericana.com.mx/2017/

It is a little frustrating too. Hopefully soon šŸ˜Š

Thanks to #hoosiertires #dublinmazdaracing #davidsracingproducts and Russ and Eric!

#115 Studebaker Hilaire and Laura Damiron Turismo Mayor
#114 Pontiac Star
Heinz Janits and csorz Robert
Turismo Mayor
#113 Studebaker
#121 Studebaker Champion
#139 Studebaker
#328 Porsche 911
#141 Studebaker – Taz coming in for the last service
Filling up at a gas station….
Last service
#125 Studebaker
#286 Escort RS 1600 Ian Dobson and Jeff Tresher Historica A Plus
#452 Porshe 911 RSR
#59 Studebaker
#303 Porche 911 Jose Salamanca and Jose Salamanca R. Historica B
#390 Ford Mustang
#222 Porsche 356B
#40 Studebaker
#389 Ford Falcon Historica C
#247 LT Sport



Next race for the Studebaker will be the 25 hours of Thunderhill the first weekend of December 2017


5 thoughts on “October 19, 2017 Day 7 – Final day”

  1. Bravo Team Taz … you all gave it a good shot in the toughest seven day open road endurance test of man & machine .
    results are now posted under the Spanish version on LCP site .
    all the best in Thunderhill & giddyup amigos
    gracias for posting your updates & photos

  2. Taz. Sorry this year did not end up well but you gave it your best and Iā€™m sure you will be back stronger than ever. Good luck at Thunderhill.

  3. Yes sorry Taz that you didn’t finish as well as you would have liked, but great effort and learning experience. We love your studebaker and thanks to Milena for all the great photos. We enjoyed looking at some of the other cars too like the Potomac Star. Good luck preparing for December!
    Greg and Elio

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