October 17, 2017 Day 5

Day 5 – Guanajuato – San Luis Potosi

The day started good, we finished 5th yesterday and so were placed 8th on the starting position for Day 5. The three morning sections went well – 7th, 7th and 6th respectively – unofficial results.

Coming in for service
Filling up

But than during the second speed section the clutch started slipping and Taz played it safe and had us come to pick them and Pearl up – in the middle of beautiful nowhere 😁

Pearl is getting a ride back to the hotel to have the clutch worked on.

Line of cars waiting for the road to open after a speed section…..

So far this has been a very challenging race. Pearl is a new car for us and it is taking some time “getting to know each other” 😊 As of the official results after the 4th day we are 11th in our class and 28th overall.

Few pictures from today:

#115 Studebaker
Hilaire and Laura Damiron
Turismo Mayor
#113 Studebaker
Emilio Velazquez and Javier Marin Caballero
Turismo Mayor
#139 Studebaker
Richardo Cordero and Marco Hernandez
Turismo Mayor
In the lead after the 4th day
#122 Studebaker
Gabriel Perez and Angelica Fuentes
Turismo Mayor
#389 Ford Falcon
Xavier Lamadrid Sr. and Ricardo Navaro
Historica C

Service pictures:

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