October 15, 2017 Day 3

Day 3 – Mexico City to Morelia

Pearl is all fixed and ready to go. After fixing the car last night a storm came and Taz decided to change tires to rain tires and because it was pouring down rain Eric and Russ got up early and changed them before the race started at 7:30 am.

First bad news of the day was learning that we would start 68th because we did not race yesterday. That was a huge problem as it turned out later. There were four speed stages in the morning and because we were top ten car starting 68th, there was a big speed differential. Taz had to pass 3 or 4 cars per stage and that slowed him down.  He still did awesome, unofficial results from the EZtrakrally app show Taz and Francisco between 4th and 12th place in each stage..

Service was in cute town of Temascalcingo, right down town…..where the streets are not very wide to begin with … now add to it 70 plus race cars ….. and their support vehicles with trailers…..

The cops were great dirrecting traffic and getting us a place to work on the car.

Try to work on the car when you are surrounded by people who want to take picture of your car, with your car, you…. fun, fun, fun

Two stages at Mil Cumbre in the afternoon, 1st stage we were 7th over all, 16 seconds off the leader and 2nd stage we had traffic problems and finished 6th.


2 thoughts on “October 15, 2017 Day 3”

  1. Thats very unfortunate that they put you in the back of the field after a bad day 2. In the past ,if you insist , they would re- insert you back in your aprox running order from the day before . If it happens again , hopefully not , you must talk to the course official before they make up the starting order for the next day . The reason is safety to avoid passes as a fast car is moved back but now in working order .
    giddyup, C

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