October 13, 2017 Day 1

Day 1 – Queretaro to Puebla

Early morning today – got up at 4 am and we were loaded and on the road by 5 am as we have to be at the service stop at Pena Blanca before they close the road for the first speed section. All speed stages today are in the mountains around Pena de Bernal – high altitude and tight turns.
There are 6 speed stages today raging from 7.24 km to 27.77 km.

The day went well but there is a problem with the results as it shows that we missed a stage and that put us into 19 place over all. Francisco is working on it to have it fixed.

When we got to Pena Blanca it was still pitch black but soon the mountains started peeking out of the darkness. Pena Blanca – our service for the day. Where the cone is, that is where the car is going to be worked on.
Everything went well on all 3 stages. Russ and Eric are checking that everything is in order for the next 3 speed sections.
After we leave Locos Oakies are working on their car. Ford Mustang 1965
Some of these views are absolutely stunning

Cars are coming for their time check before they get serviced:

#59 Studebaker Champion 1953 Carlos Frausto andRodrigo Franco Medina Turismo Prodiccion

Pow wow over a route book
Have you ever seen safer bathrooms than this? And all for 5 pesos 😊
Service stop at Pena Blanca. Everyone works on their car on the street.
Race cars? No! Look, there is a drone!


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