October 11-12, 2017 Registration and tech and qualifying

That is our team, from the left – Pearl, Taz, Milena, Eric, Russ and Francisco

Yey! We qualified 8th ! Good job Taz and Francisco! We have to tweak a few things but all is OK and we will be ready tomorrow!

We got mexican fastrak passes for Pearl and for the service truck so we would not have to stop at the toll booths on the cuota (paid roads – much better than libre – free roads) and carry wads of cash, hopefully they will work good

And here is some of our competition in Turismo Mayor

Studebaker Champion
Emilio Velazquez and Javier Marin Caballero
Turismo Mayor
Buick Centurion
Jorge Seman and Jorge Amezquita
Turismo Mayor
Luis Cervantes and Pablo Cervantes
Turismo Mayor
Studebaker Champion 1954
Taz Harvey and Francisco Ortiz
Turismo Mayor
Pontiac Star Chief 1955
Heinz Janits and
Csorz Robert
Turismo Mayor
Street taco lunch 😊
Tech inspection
… more tech and scales….
Registration and tech checklist
… and here she is… all stickered up
And we have a number 😀

One thought on “October 11-12, 2017 Registration and tech and qualifying”

  1. Great job Taz! We’re catching up, did not realize you have to keep hitting next 😊
    The stude looks great all stickered up! We also like the Pontiac Starchief, not as much of course.

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